Kitchen & Bathroom Design Ideas

Written by CastleCorp.

Unlike new home design, the lifestyle and personality of homeowners are the strongest drivers of renovation design. Good design simplifies life – from the preparation of food, ease of cooking, quickness of cleaning and efficiency of organization in the kitchen to spa-like relaxation, swift washing, improved hygiene and simplified cleaning in the bathroom. Design must be as much about function as it is about style. The environment, behaviour, work processes, sense of style and personal aesthetics will change from client to client, adapting and customizing renovation design to suit each client is how we create stunning, refined designs that precisely fit their lifestyle.

Ultimately, design ideas need to be turned into reality. For that to happen, a high standard of quality is absolutely essential – Fine-tuned administration, organisation, efficiency and oversight; quality products and materials; and most importantly, the work ethic, training, experience and workmanship of the tradespeople involved all come into play. A failure of any aspect at any stage from initial design to completion can easily undermine the success of the entire project. That's why a design and build company with three decades of experience such as CastleCorp makes all the difference. We never cut corners or over-sell. Our designers and tradespeople are the best in the industry, and many have been with us for over 15 years.

The truth is, we are as much invested as you in ensuring that the stunning designs we create come to life with the utmost quality and beauty, as envisioned. That's the real reason CastleCorp exists, and why we get out of bed for work in the early morning.

Here are a few of our favourite kitchens and bathrooms...

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