Renovation Process

Written by CastleCorp.

renovation processWe guide you through the renovation process from beginning to completion. After we've made an initial consultation visit with you to determine your needs and desires, we provide you with an extremely detailed estimate. We've found this to be very beneficial because it truly gives you an accurate perspective of the scope of the project.

We provide layout plans and detailed renderings to help you visualize your project from the onset. This process facilitates the design development as modifications can be discussed and acted upon in a timely manner. We can then communicate these changes to our renovation team in order to make the project run as efficiently as possible.

We will take care of obtaining the necessary construction documents or permits as needed to make the renovation process run as smoothly as possible. We will maintain constant communication and promptly address any questions or concerns that you may have during the project. When the project comes to completion, we will walk through the renovated space with you to verify that the job is completed to our exacting specifications and to your satisfaction. We strive to exceed your expectations as your dreams become reality.

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