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The most beautiful kitchens have a simple, uncomplicated design and are precisely equipped. They are inviting places, offering many hours of enjoyment. CastleCorp is Ottawa's kitchen design company. We build highly personalized kitchens and living spaces that are comfortable, beautiful, functional and affordable.

Kitchen Renovations

Written by CastleCorp.

  • Amherst-PVC-GlossWhite
  • Aston-PVC-WoodgrainWhite
  • Awenda-Cherry-Chocolate
  • Awenda-Cherry-Espresso
  • Bathurst-PVC-WhiteVelvet
  • Bethune-PVC-GlossWhite
  • Boshkung-Cherry-Natural
  • Boshkung-Walnut-Natural
  • Bracebridge-PVC-WhiteVelvet
  • Cabot-PVC-WhiteVelvet
  • Canavoy-Cherry-Coffee
  • Canavoy-Walnut-Natural
  • Cavendish-Maple-TraditionalLatte
  • ClassicCathedral-Birch-Shiraz
  • ClassicSquare-Cherry-AntiqueBlack
  • ClassicSquare-Maple-Mango
  • Decorus-Maple
  • Decorus-Teak
  • Decorus-Walnut
  • Decorus-Wenge
  • Georgetown-Maple-Cocoa
  • Georgetown-Walnut-Natural
  • Georgian-Cherry-Cocoa
  • Glasgow-PVC-GlossWhite
  • Healey-Maple-Natural
  • Healey-Oak-Bordeaux
  • Huron-Cherry-Coffee
  • Huron-Cherry-AntiqueSage
  • Huron-Maple-HeritageLatte
  • Joseph-Maple-Cocoa
  • Kashshe-Maple-Natural
  • Kennisis-BirchHeritage-TraditionalVanilla
  • Kennisis-BirchHeritage-TraditionalWhite
  • Kennisis-Cherry-Chestnut
  • Kennisis-Paintable
  • Landmark-Birch-Natural
  • Lochside-Maple-Bordeaux
  • Manitou-Maple-Cocoa
  • Mission-Cherry-Cinnamon
  • Rosseau-PVC-WhiteVelvet
  • Rustico-Maple-TraditionalSage
  • SagamoArch-Oak-Cinnamon
  • SagamoCathedral-Oak-Honey
  • SagamoSquare-Cherry-AntiqueLatte
  • SagamoSquare-Oak-Natural
  • SagamoSquare-Cherry-AntiqueCreme
  • Scotia-BirchHeritage-TraditionalTaupe
  • Severn-PVC-WhiteVelvet
  • Shaker-Cherry-Spice
  • Shaker-Ash-Natural
  • Shaker-Oak-Chocolate
  • Shaker-Paintable
  • Shaker-Walnut-Natural
  • Simcoe-BirchHeritage-CremeWithEbonyGlaze
  • Simcoe-Cherry-AntiqueWhite
  • Simcoe-Maple-TraditionalCreme
  • Simcoe-Walnut-Natural
  • Souci-Cherry-Mango
  • Summerside-Cherry-Autumn
  • Sutton-Paintable
  • Sutton-Paintable-HeritageVanilla
  • Sutton-Maple-Chocolate
  • Sydney-Birch-Coffee
  • Washago-Oak-Black
  • Waterford-Cherry-Natural
  • WhiteCrystal-PVC-CrystalWhite
  • Windermere-Cherry-Autumn
  • Windsor-Cherry-Spice
  • Yorkshire-Cherry-Shiraz

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The Good Life Starts in the Kitchen

Couple kitchen

Applying commercial principles to residential kitchens to streamline workflow and improve functions and processes has changed the traditional concept of the kitchen. Water is the most essential element in the kitchen. With this in mind, modern residential kitchen design begins with a meaningful separation of the different water-related procedures, which is already the norm in professional kitchens.

Water-related procedures:

  • Food Preparation. Cleaning fresh produce, deboning and deshelling.
  • Cooking. Adding water to pots and draining pasta.
  • Cleaning. Wash up of counters, cutting blocks, pots and dishes.

Kitchen design based on water use, rather than the simplistic and outdated work triangle, has become the hallmark of modern kitchen design at CastleCorp. We focus on making life easier and on saving time for our clients through the efficient and economical use of space, making certain the design closely meets your expectations while being elegant and timeless. We strongly believe kitchen functionality means efficient food preparation, convenient cooking, easy cleaning, and ample storage within this residential space.

The kitchen is also a place of activity, people, warmth, and entertainment. CastleCorp kitchens are a celebration of the infinite pleasures of cooking. In design, we embrace the distinctive culture associated with food that is undeniable and take into account the look, feel, flow and layout of the kitchen space on its own and in relation to the entire house. Traditional urban kitchens are often inefficient by today's standards, making them less suitable for our modern lifestyles. With you, CastleCorp will design and remodel your kitchen as an expression that looks and feels simultaneously beautiful as well as highly organized and functional, a kitchen that will cause anyone who enters the room to exclaim, "Wow!"

Kitchen Renovation – High Return on Investment

Kitchen renovations, like bathroom renovations, offer a high return on investment (ROI) and reduce the length of time a home would otherwise be on the Ottawa market. Kitchens are one of the first items homebuyers look at when making a purchase decision. According to the Appraisal Institute of Canada, kitchen remodeling will increase the net worth of your property asset to offset as much as three quarters of the renovation costs upon completion. Remodeling magazine's Cost vs. Value Report estimates a 75 to 100 percent return on investment when done right. If you plan to stay in your home, the increase in home value over time and reduced operating cost through energy and water saving will allow you to achieve even greater savings. Economics aside, for those who love cooking or entertaining, decisions should be made as much with the heart as with the head. If you've always wanted an elegant, efficient dream kitchen, nothing should stop you.

Kitchen design is complex and covers a number of building trades, that's why CastleCorp provides you with expert kitchen design consultants that specialize in complete kitchen renovation and design. No matter what style you prefer, from traditional to modern to a transitional design that combines a classic and contemporary look, the design will be one of the most important factors in your kitchen renovation and must incorporate a great look, feel, flow and function that expresses your personality. If you're only looking for a minor upgrade of your old kitchen with new floors, solid-surface countertops (granite, Corian) and ceramic tile backsplashes, and/or new cabinets, CastleCorp also has you covered. Our extensive supply chain ensures you have access to exactly what you're looking for with sinks, countertops, cabinets, tile, backsplashes and more.

CastleCorp Can Help You


Most importantly, your CastleCorp design consultant will guide you on kitchen design ideas and a layout that suits your sense of beauty, cooking style, space and lifestyle, whether it demands an open-concept floor plan and structural changes or less demanding upgrades with cabinet styles and countertops that you can choose from. People always know what they don’t want. Our consultants collaborate with you to create exactly what you do want – that's the difference, and the key to a successful kitchen renovation.

Managing Your Kitchen Renovation Budget

Whether you're just planning and budgeting or ready to hire, CastleCorp is ready to help you. For many people the actual cost of an entirely new kitchen can be significantly higher than they initially anticipated. People often only think about the cabinetry, countertop and appliances. However, a complete kitchen renovation requires all of the sub-trades, including plumbers; electricians; framing and finishing carpenters; tile, cabinet and countertop installers; and sometimes even custom cabinetmakers. You also have to think about building or structural work that may be needed to open your kitchen to the dining area or rest of the house.

We'll make sure your kitchen remodel precisely fits your budget. With almost three decades of experience, you can be confident your job will be efficiently co-ordinated and completed on time. As a design and build company, CastleCorp does not run into the problem of subcontracted tradespeople not being available or on time, which leads to cost overruns when other professionals are delayed. CastleCorp's tradespeople are available precisely when needed because they are part of our team. Having our own staff gives us explicit control over time and quality down to the finest detail. More importantly, we don't have to build in a cost buffer to protect against cost over-runs, which makes us much more competitive.

Even with a dream kitchen, it is important to agree on a budget that you are comfortable with and can afford. Once set, the selection of fixtures, fittings, cabinetry, countertops, tiles etc. should be done to stay on budget. We work with you to help you obtain the precise look, feel and function you're hoping for while staying within your budget. Once you're completely satisfied with the design, we manage the whole renovation project from start to finish for you. No hassles, no mess. We're also flexible in incorporating any last minute new ideas you may have during the build process.

The Design & Build Advantage

Unlike most general contractors and kitchen renovators, CastleCorp is a design and build company with a sound business management system and extensive product supply chain to control the cost and the quality of your kitchen renovation so it looks fantastic and remains affordable, while offering exceptional value. We have experienced kitchen designers, cabinetmakers, carpenters, installers, tradespeople and all of the other support staff you need to ensure you kitchen is the one you dreamed of having. Done right, affordably and on time. You can count on CastleCorp to help you find ways to save you money, but without cutting corners. We're so confident in the professional quality of our work that we provide a 5-year guarantee on everything we do.

Start Designing Your New Kitchen Today

Having a CastleCorp design consultant work with you from the initial idea stage can set you in the right direction towards your dream kitchen and save you considerable time and effort. To schedule a no-obligation design and build consultation with CastleCorp, at your convenience, please contact us.

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