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For almost three decades we have combined technical expertise, materials of unsurpassed quality, skilled craftsmanship and trend-setting design into each of our custom bathroom renovations. We pay the utmost attention to detail and never compromise quality or cut corners. We work in close collaboration with you to create inspiring bathroom designs that meet your individual needs. That's why our custom bathrooms are the preferred choice amongst Ottawa homeowners.

Bathroom Renovations

Written by CastleCorp.

Bathrooms... It's All About Perfection.


bathroom1Attention is increasingly being focused on the bathroom, on its status as a place of revitalization, as somewhere to pause and retreat. Today's bathrooms have become living spaces. The concept of the bathroom has now been configured with a spa-like approach, modular products and smart technology. People are looking for designs that embrace their personal needs, individual space and unique experience. Customers are seeking bathrooms that are pleasing, efficient and economical while being attractive and timeless.

CastleCorp brings all this to the table with innovative and elegant design solutions and brilliant bathroom renovations.

When we say, "Dreams are Worth Building", we're not just using a catchphrase. Looking at the impact of capital improvements on direct residential property returns, the bathroom will bring the homeowner a 74% to 84%Ref return in the Ottawa market at the end of the renovation project. If you plan to stay in your home, there will be an even greater increase in home value over time and reduced operating cost through energy and water saving. This alone will allow you to more than recover your entire bathroom renovation investment. For those who love their home, of course remodelling decisions involve more than dollars; you should also consider your enjoyment of your home. Maybe you've always wanted a spa-inspired bathroom, an elegant master ensuite, or a doorless walk-in shower. Why shouldn't you have it all when it also makes economic sense?

  • Canadian Property Valuation magazine, Appraisal Institute of Canada. RENOVA estimates a $7,000 bathroom upgrade – a walk-in dual shower, vaulted ceiling, twin sinks or vanities, stone flooring and countertops has a return on investment of between 75 to 100%.
  • remodelling magazine, Cost vs. Value Report, U.S. National Averages

bathroom2Bathroom design, like kitchen design, is complex and that's why CastleCorp provides you with professional design consultants that specialize in the latest trends in bathroom renovation and design. Working with you, we will guide you through bathroom design ideas that suit your goals and sense of aesthetics to create an innovative, relaxing, elegant space that brings a smile to your face.


A complete bathroom renovation requires all of the sub-trades, including plumbers, electricians, framing and finishing carpenters, tile setters and cabinet installers. Making sure your remodel is on time and on budget requires efficient co-ordination. CastleCorp's tradespeople are available when needed because they are all part of our team. Having our own staff gives us explicit control over every aspect of your renovation down to the finest detail. We're so confident in the professional quality of our work that we provide a 5-year guarantee on everything we do.

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Having a CastleCorp design consultant work with you from the initial idea stage can set you in the right direction towards your dream bathroom and save you considerable time and effort. To schedule a no-obligation design and build consultation with CastleCorp at your convenience, please contact us.

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